March 2022

God Wants You Well

All of us need to understand the healing power of God. We’re living in a day and age in which man has politicized medicine. You can’t depend on anything but Jesus, and you need to learn how to receive your healing directly from God.

I’m not saying I’m the perfect example on this, but it has been decades since I’ve been sick. I refuse to cooperate with sickness and disease. I’ve seen my son raised from the dead; I’ve seen blind eyes opened, deaf ears opened, and many other healings. I believe the things that God has taught me will work for you.

When it comes to health, one of the biggest misconceptions is that God puts sickness on us as a way to punish us or teach us a lesson. I was raised in a denomination that taught that God uses sickness to humble you, to break you, or to punish you as judgment. I was taught that sickness was a positive thing. Today, I disagree with that 100 percent.

The truth is that sickness is of the devil. Sickness doesn’t come from God. And if you ever waver on that point, you won’t see healing.

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God Wants You Well

Some believe that God causes sickness and uses it to punish or to teach people a lesson. But this is the opposite of what He wants for us! With Andrew’s teaching God Wants You Well, you’ll discover what the Word of God truly says about healing. Let this message deepen your understanding of faith, healing, and how to receive from God. Don’t be limited to what doctors say anymore—God’s healing is available, but you must learn how to reach out and take it!

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