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Anywhere. Anytime.

Charis YOUR way.

iPad Convenience:
Access lessons offline. Entire 1st year on the iPad: study anytime, anywhere.
Your Schedule:
Embark on a flexible learning journey with eCharis. Access your courses offline on a brand-new Apple iPad. Study at your own pace, wherever life takes you.
Web Based Convenience:
Access lessons online via any device. Entire 1st year online: study anytime, anywhere that you have internet access.
Study Your Way:
Embrace the freedom of online learning with Charis Online. Study from any device with internet access, allowing you stay connected and deepen your faith wherever you go. At CHARIS Bible College, we believe that when we understand who God is and who we are in Him, we WILL make a lasting impact in our world!
Hi there!
Thank you for your interest in our Distance Learning Programs at Charis Bible College. We are excited to introduce you to two transformative options that will deepen your understanding of God’s Word and empower you for ministry and personal growth – eCharis and Charis Online. Your journey with us will be nothing short of life-changing!
Both eCharis and Charis Online offer the following key features:
Flexible Learning:
Begin when you’re ready and progress at your own pace. Both programs consist of 42 courses across 3 terms, totalling 300 hours of world-class teaching by renowned instructors like Andrew Wommack, Barry Bennett, Greg Mohr, and others. Each course comprises 8 lessons, each approximately 50 minutes in duration.
Convenient Access:
eCharis courses are conveniently loaded onto an app on a brand-new Apple iPad, while Charis Online is web based and allows you to study purely online from anywhere with an internet connection and web browser.
Simple Assessments:
At the end of each course, there will be a simple exam comprised of ‘true or false’ and multiple-choice questions. Completion of each course requires a minimum score of 70%.
Personal Growth:
Both programs are designed to facilitate spiritual growth, deepen your relationship with God, and equip you for your God-given purpose.
Bible Reading Plan:
As an essential component of your studies, you will be encouraged to follow a daily Bible reading plan, designed to lead you through the entire Bible in one year. This plan not only helps you engage deeply with the Scriptures but also enhances your overall learning experience.
Completion Requirements:
While you can start either eCharis or Charis Online at any time and study at your own pace, we encourage you to finish the entire program within two years for consistency and motivation. If you wish to continue to the 2nd year of the program, completing eCharis or Charis Online within 24 months is a course requirement.
Transcripts and Certificates:
Upon successfully completing either program, you will receive a transcript and certificate of completion. These credentials will enable you to apply for the 2nd year “Practical Ministry Training Program” at any of our extension schools worldwide.
**Chinese Version – 中文版 **:
We are delighted to inform our Chinese-speaking enquirers that both eCharis and Charis Online are now available in Chinese (simplified and traditional), making our courses accessible to a wider audience. Please note that the ability to speak and read English is still required. However, with the added Chinese translations, you can gain a deeper understanding of the teachings and enhance your spiritual growth.
To get started with eCharis or Charis Online, simply fill out the application form, enrolment agreement, and order forms. Once completed make sure you hit that submit button.
Ready to embark on this life-changing journey? Enrol now and let the transformation begin!
As always, our Distance Learning office is here to support you. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Our office hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM AEST.

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