Hearing the voice of the Lord is probably the single most important element in having a victorious Christian life after being born-again. The Lord knows all things and will show us things to come. There is no problem that His wisdom can’t solve. If we can tap into His heart by hearing Him speak to us, all would be different.

God Is Good, God Is Faithful
Most Christians would say that God is good and that He is faithful. Yet they credit Him with many of the difficulties in life. How can that be?

Split Personality
Is God a God of judgement or grace? Or, is He a little of both? Andrew’s answers may upset you at first, but keep listening; it is well worth the discomfort.

Who’s Responsible?
Most Christians claim to accept responsibility, but when faced with negative circumstances, they often point the finger at other people, the devil, and even at God. Why? Listen as Andrew explains.

God’s View Of Sin
When you really understand how God views sin, you will probably come to the same conclusion Andrew did. That sounds nearly too good to be true.

You Have The Power
The president of the United States has tremendous power. It’s not personal power; it’s the authority to direct the power of a nation. Could the believer’s authority work the same way?

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 1 God Is Good, God Is Faithful 1:13:21 25.2 MB
 2 Split Personality 1:08:21 23.5 MB
 3 Who’s Responsible? 1:18:00 26.8 MB
 4 God’s View Of Sin 1:02:00 21.3 MB
 5 You Have The Power 1:14:45 25.7 MB