God was, and is, truly with me

ChrisApr 23 2021

The pain had awakened me again. I sat up in my bed, tears slowly slipping down my cheeks, and put my hands to my ears. I had been suffering with pain in my sinuses and ears for several weeks by this point, with no clear reason as to why. Not only was I in pain, but I was also losing my hearing and getting sicker by the day. Where once I could hear the softest sounds, now I could barely hear my alarm clock blaring in the morning, telling me to get up.

The pain woke me up every night for nearly two months. During those times of sleeplessness and pain, all I could do was cry and pray. I knew God hadn’t left me. I knew healing was mine. But I wasn’t seeing the manifestation.

On this night in particular, I woke up at around two in the morning, crying and wishing for the pain and pressure to leave. Slowly a melody came to my mind. A few words then followed:

Those who dwell in the secret place of the Most High

Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty…

It was a song from a musical produced by Charis Bible College, God with Us, which I had been a part of for the last few years. I couldn’t get the song out of my head—and I didn’t want to—so I put the DVD in and found the scene with this song. With the pain still throbbing in my ears, I pressed the button and just let the words play.

Almighty God, You reign on high.

You are my fortress, my deliverer, my light.

Even though I was barely able to hear the music, the words brought peace to my heart. These truths about God reminded me to stay strong and hope in the Lord even when things looked bleak.

God with Us is a powerful story that many people can relate to at different times in their lives. Although I’ve been in multiple performances now, I feel that I get something new out of it each time. People who’ve come to see the show have been healed right where they sat. God’s power and love are alive and evident through every song.

That night in my dark living room is one I will never forget. Every time I woke up in the night or became frustrated because I couldn’t hear, I remembered what God showed me through that music: God was, and is, truly with me.

Although it’s been a process, my sinuses have cleared up, and I’ve regained most of my hearing. I’m still on the journey, but God has been with me through it all!

And God is with you, too, no matter what kind of hardship you might be facing. God with Us is a special story that will help you remember that. I believe your life will be deeply affected and changed when you listen to the songs and hear God speaking to your heart. Don’t miss out!


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