You’ve Already Got It! Package

  • You’ve Already Got It! CD album or as-seen-on-TV DVD album
  • You’ve Already Got It! paperback book
  • You’ve Already Got It! study guide

Discover how your faith is a bridge between the physical world and spiritual realm where God’s blessings reside, and gain confidence from understanding that you don’t need more faith; you already have all the faith that you need. It’s time to stop trying and start enjoying! To order, follow the link below or call our helpline +61 7 3177 7681.

Andrew Wommack’s You’ve Already Got It!

Most Christians believe that God can do anything, and many believe that He has made promises to heal, deliver, bless, and prosper His children. But these same believers may find themselves unable to reconcile the Word with what they experience. They live in frustration or disillusionment, wondering why God’s promises don’t seem to be working for them. But God is no respecter of persons (Rom. 2:11). What He has done for one, He’s done for all.
With Andrew Wommack’s You’ve Already Got It! teaching, you’ll learn how to go from frustration to fulfillment in your relationship with God and His promises. The truth is, you’re not waiting on God to bless you. He has already done it!

The Living Commentary

The Living Commentary electronic study Bible includes five decades of Andrew Wommack’s personal study notes on over 25,000 scriptures. It’s called “living” commentary because it is continually expanded as Andrew’s recent studies are added to the program.

The Living Commentary makes in-depth Bible study easier than ever before. The program allows you to read your preferred version of the Bible and see Andrew’s study notes next to each verse. You can compare scriptures and notes simply by hovering over a reference. It includes several Bible versions, additional commentaries, dictionaries, concordances, maps, and other resources—all accessible by the click of a mouse.

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