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making God bigger blog

Making God Bigger

"Breathe. Just remember what will happen if you don’t at least try. You’re wearing his favorite dress. Everyone’s praying and fasting. You’re in God’s hands now." Esther had to be thinking along these lines as she entered the king’s inner court uninvited. No one,...

Anger Management

Every person deals with anger. There is no escaping it. But are we dealing with our anger the way God's Word instructs us to? There is a type of anger that is godly, but even the more common, ungodly anger is very misunderstood. It's not people and circumstances that...

Who God Is and Who We Are

Have you been taught that God is love but seen in the Bible that He is at times a God of wrath? Do you sometimes deal with confusion, wondering which version of God you're dealing with on any given day? Misinterpretation of the Bible has propagated a wrong impression...

The Resurrection

Andrew talks about the resurrection of Jesus and how that makes Christianity valid and different from all other religions. He goes on to talk about the resurrection of believers and our glorified bodies. For the believer death is actually better than this life because...

The Power of Imagination

What you imagine may be more important than you realize. Ultimately, what you imagine determines what you believe, and how you believe determines how you receive. Having a positive imagination is what the Bible calls hope! And hope is what faith is based upon. Let...

Romans: Paul’s Masterpiece on Grace

Many Christians use the word "gospel" but don't know what it means. Today, it is almost a religious cliché. However, in Paul's day, using the term made a radical statement. It was a way of referring to the grace of God, the free gift that allows us to obtain right...

Paul’s Letter to the Galatians

This series is a verse-by-verse study of the book of Galatians. Paul pulled no punches in this letter to the Galatian Christians as he countered the legalism that was stealing their pure faith. This epistle presents the same great truths of grace that were so...

More Grace, More Favor

All of the Bible's greatest heroes share one common trait: humility. In God's eyes, humility qualifies a person for increased favor and grace. In More Grace, More Favor, bestselling author and teacher Andrew Wommack shares life-changing insights on the biblical...

Lessons From Elijah

We can all learn from hard knocks, but it's a lot less painful to learn by example. First Corinthians 10:6 and 11 say that the experiences of those in the Bible were recorded for our examples. Elijah's story is full of great examples, both good and bad.   Click...

How to Receive God’s Best

Have you settled for less than God's best? If you have, you'll never receive it always looking for a miracle. It's time you learned how to walk in the blessing of God.   Click here to view all products related to How to Receive God's Best.   Track Title...

How to Hear God’s Voice

Hearing the voice of the Lord is probably the single most important element in having a victorious Christian life after being born-again. The Lord knows all things and will show us things to come. There is no problem that His wisdom can't solve. If we can tap into His...

Healing Scriptures

This teaching is a collection of healing scriptures with soft background music. As you listen, your mind will be able to relax, and your faith will be built to receive your healing.   Click here to view all products related to Healing Scriptures.   Track...

CHARIS is the “how to” Bible college, helping you apply the
Word of God to your everyday life.

CHARIS is the “how to” Bible college, helping you apply the Word of God to your everyday life.