Conveniently packaged

eCharis is the entire 1st Year of Charis Bible College conveniently packaged on an iPad.

overflowing with teachings

There are over 280+ hours of teaching videos to help you in an understanding of the word and grow in your relationship with the Father.

and life-changing revelations

Each video contains powerful truths from God’s word that will bring impacting revelations to your life.

that will fit into your lifestyle!

Consistency is key to effortless change in your life.

The structure and pace of eCharis, with its 42 courses divided into 3 terms, provides easy-to-absorb lessons that fit into your schedule and can become an enjoyable, life -changing learning experience.

Wisdom gained through experience.

Why go through the
school of hard knocks
if you don’t have to?

When you add up all the years of experience in ministry for all the instructors, it would be around 1000 years.
These are lived out-lessons!

Sample now!

Click a teacher to reveal a sample reel of a Charis class.

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You determine how far and how fast – you go!

It all depends on your goals. If you’re looking to continue your journey with Charis into a 2nd year program, then you will need to complete eCharis within 2 years. Otherwise, you are free to study at your own pace.

With experience-rich lessons at your fingertips, you have a unique and immersive way to learn the Bible from the comfort of your own home, in transit, or wherever you may be. No Internet connection is needed to watch your lessons.

Free iPad.

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

eCharis is packaged and delivered to you with a Free iPad, Bluetooth Headphones & Protective case.
We also have one more surprise for you…

How many textbooks?

We have one. Yes that’s it!

Who enjoys having to buy a million text books? We have one for eCharis and that is the Bible.
All of your course workbooks are loaded on the iPad, and we provide you with PDF versions on a USB stick for your convenience.

Ongoing Support!

Our Distance Learning Coordinator and the team are your biggest supporters. They are at the ready to receive an email or a call if you have any questions.

Rapid Results!

You will receive your test results instantly when connected to WiFi.

There are no lengthy assignments. We are excited to help you begin the change that will impact your life forever.

Take the next step!

Call Us Today on PH: +61 7 5515 0553

Call Us Today on
PH: +61 7 5515 0553