The Word Became Flesh

Through His spoken Word, God created the earth and everything in it, put the heaven into place, and formed man. Most importantly, His Word became flesh, and Jesus (God in the flesh) was born. His Word is the most powerful thing on earth and in heaven. It is the absolute and infallible truth. His Word never changes, and He never breaks His Word.

In this series, Andrew addresses the impact this has in our lives. He explains how God Himself is limited by His own words; the difference between God’s responsibility and ours; the role the devil plays, if any; the power God has given to us; how to conceive a miracle; and more. 

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Track Title Length Size
 1 The Word Became Flesh I 1:09:00 23.7 MB
 2 The Word Became Flesh II 1:03:39 21.9 MB
 3 The Word Became Flesh III 1:18:57 27.1 MB
 4 The Word Became Flesh IV 54:36 18.8 MB
 5 The Word Became Flesh V 1:14:55 25.8 MB

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