How To Receive A Miracle

Most Christians do not know how to receive a miracle from God. Learn how to grab ahold of miracles and make them happen. Believing God’s Word is the most important step to receiving a miracle. We do not just naturally grow up believing God ? it takes renewing our minds. By finding out what the Bible teaches, you can plant the Word of God and begin to experience your own miracles.

How To Receive A Miracle Part I
We all need the supernatural intervention of God at some time. The problem is that most Christians don’t know how to believe for a miracle and receive it. God wants you to have His best. Go beyond simply hoping for a miracle. The Bible tells us how to reach out and take hold of God’s power. Find out how God’s supernatural power can flow through you.

How To Receive A Miracle Part II
What do you do when you pray and don’t see your miracle immediately? God’s Word tells us to believe that we receive when we pray. There are things happening in the spiritual world, but it’s up to you to bring your miracle into physical manifestation.

How To Receive A Miracle Part III
Faith is the key that brings your miracle into the physical. God has given everyone the same measure of faith, but unbelief can counter that faith. Knowing who you are in Christ will help you put your faith into action.

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