Dwelling in God’s Presence

Most of the promises of God – probably more than you realise – are conditional upon abiding in His presence. You might think that’s too simple, but it really isn’t any more complicated than that. Sad to say, many Christians only visit the Lord, and only when they’re in trouble. If you’re going to be a victorious believer, you can’t meet with God sporadically or when you’re in a crisis. Let Andrew show you how to dwell in God’s presence today.

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Track Title Length Size
 1 The Secret Place 1:14:47 25.7 MB
 2 God Is Always with Us 57:43 19.8 MB
 3 Knowing God Heart-to-Heart 1:05:00 22.3 MB
 4 No More Separation 1:17:20 26.6 MB
 5 Keeping Your Mind Stayed On God 55:02 18.9 MB
 6 Meditation Opens Your Heart 55:30 19.1 MB
 7 Bless The Lord At All Times 43:34 15 MB

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