Christian First-Aid Kit

When you’re facing a crisis, remember what Jesus said to His disciples in John 14:1, the night before His crucifixion:

“Let not your heart be troubled.”

Imagine what it would have been like to be one of Jesus’ disciples at the end. They watched as He was arrested, beaten, and crucified. All of their hopes and dreams were rooted in Him, and now He was dead and seemingly defeated. The disciples were facing a crisis that none of us will ever endure, yet what did Jesus say?

“Let not your heart be troubled.”

That statement is the first step in Christian first aid. When a crisis comes, and it will, reach for the first-aid kit, and let not your heart be troubled.

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 1 Christian First-Aid Kit I 1:07:55 23.3 MB
 2 Christian First-Aid Kit II 53:27 18.4 MB
 3 Christian First-Aid Kit III 1:10:31 24.2 MB
 4 Christian First-Aid Kit IV 1:03:15 21.7 MB
 5 Christian First-Aid Kit V 1:20:55 27.8 MB
 6 Christian First-Aid Kit VI 59:15 20.4 MB

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